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One of the most effective strategies for staying as healthy and vibrant as possible throughout your life is to see your physician for an annual physical examination. Dr. Hari Polavarapu, of HP Medical PC in Brooklyn, New York, is an internal medicine specialist and primary care physician who understands the value of physical exams and their vital role in preventive care. Call or contact HP Medical today via their convenient online service to schedule your physical exam.

Annual Physical Exam

by Hari Polavarapu, MD

Why have an annual physical?

An annual physical gives Dr. Polavarapu the opportunity to assess your current health status and identify concerns that may be signaling a problem, such as elevated blood pressure or weight gain that increases your risk of developing heart disease and diabetes. It’s simpler and generally much more effective to treat medical conditions before something like high blood pressure or elevated blood sugar has actually caused damage to your heart or kidneys.

An annual physical also gives you the opportunity to discuss any symptoms or health issues you’re concerned about. It’s a good time to investigate your family health history as well. Knowing your family history enables Dr. Polavarapu to monitor for conditions that can run in families, including some forms of cancer.

You can also expect Dr. Polavarapu to ask specific questions about your medical history, including:

  • Previous surgeries
  • Significant injuries
  • Current medical conditions

He’ll carefully review your medication list, along with any supplements or vitamins you take regularly and ask about your diet and exercise habits.

What’s involved in an annual physical?

The exam usually starts with the nurse or medical office assistant checking your weight, height, and vital signs, including temperature, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and pulse rate, which are recorded for Dr. Polavarapu’s review.

The physical portion of the exam is essentially a head-to-toe check that includes observation of your general appearance and overall mobility. Starting with your head and neck (including your eyes, ears, nose, and throat) and moving on to your chest, abdomen, and extremities, Dr. Polavarapu assesses the appearance of each region.

Dr. Polavarapu checks for lumps or bumps as well as concerning skin rashes or lesions. He also listens to your lungs, heart, and abdomen with his stethoscope. He gauges your neurological status and the health of your joints with a series of simple checks, such as range-of-motion and reflex testing. Complete physical exams may also include breast and pelvic exams for females (including a Pap smear) and prostate and testicular exams for males.

Will I need labs?

Depending on your overall health, Dr. Polavarapu may order blood work to check for elevated blood sugar or abnormal cholesterol levels. He may also suggest colonoscopy, mammogram, or screening for prostate cancer when you reach a certain age or if he notes any concerning symptoms during the exam.   

Major Insurances Accepted

At the office of HP Medical PC, we accept most major insurance plans. Please contact our office if you have any questions. It is the patient's responsibility to ensure eligibility. If you are a new patient and your insurance plan requires you to select a PCP, please do so before you come to the office. Dr. Polavarapu must be listed as your PCP in order to be seen. If you are participating in an Affordable Care Act Plan (aka Gold, Silver, etc), and have a deductible that has not been met, HP Medical PC policy requires you leave a $100 deposit. Should the insurance company remit the payment for your visit, the deposit will be refunded to you.

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