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Despite all the advances in medical science that help you live longer and healthier lives, geriatric (senior) health care requires an extra level of expertise. Dr. Hari Polavarapu of HP Medical PC in Brooklyn, New York, is a skilled internist whose training and experience give him extra insight when treating the sometimes complex medical needs of the senior population. And he’ll take the time to chat and get to know you before moving on to his next appointment. Call or contact the office today via their online scheduling service.

Geriatric Care Q & A

by Hari Polavarapu, MD

What makes geriatric care different?

Older adults sometimes develop multiple health issues at once, such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Decreased kidney function

A physician must be adept at diagnosing these illnesses as well as prescribing medications and other therapies that effectively treat one condition without worsening the others. Dr. Polavarapu is an internal medicine specialist whose experience and medical training equips him to diagnose and treat several illnesses at once while maintaining your overall well-being.   

Seniors also experience decreased mobility when faced with degenerative changes that are due to simple wear and tear, such as osteoarthritis in the knees or hips. These factors all increase the need for a comprehensive patient-centered approach to senior health care that keeps you moving and active. This includes careful attention to the emotional response you may experience with declining mobility and other age-related conditions.

It’s important that seniors partner with a physician such as Dr. Polavarapu, who believes changes in your age should not restrict you from experiencing an active and healthy life.

What about seeing other specialists?

It’s sometimes necessary to see a specialist such as a cardiologist regarding your heart health or a podiatrist about your feet and ankle issues. Dr. Polavarapu and his staff will coordinate this care and ensure that such visits are as convenient as possible. Dr. Polavarapu also continues in a supervisory role regarding your medical care and works closely with other physicians involved in your care.    

What is comprehensive health care?

Along with the necessary medications and treatment regimens related to your medical conditions, Dr. Polavarapu also considers other aspects of your life important to your overall sense of well-being, such as your:

  • Activity level
  • Nutritional intake
  • Social/emotional life

His care plan for you includes these considerations.

For instance, while it may not be wise for you to jog regularly as you did when you were 40, Dr. Polavarapu may recommend walking or water activities to provide the benefits of exercise while preserving your joint health. And because social relationships remain important throughout your life, joining a group of walkers rather than making the daily trek alone may create new friendships. He may also recommend assistive devices, such as handrails in your bathroom, to help ensure your safety and independence at home.

Major Insurances Accepted

At the office of HP Medical PC, we accept most major insurance plans. Please contact our office if you have any questions. It is the patient's responsibility to ensure eligibility. If you are a new patient and your insurance plan requires you to select a PCP, please do so before you come to the office. Dr. Polavarapu must be listed as your PCP in order to be seen. If you are participating in an Affordable Care Act Plan (aka Gold, Silver, etc), and have a deductible that has not been met, HP Medical PC policy requires you leave a $100 deposit. Should the insurance company remit the payment for your visit, the deposit will be refunded to you.

Affinity Health Plan
Anthem Blue Cross
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CenterLight Healthcare
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Fidelis Care (NY)
Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield
Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey

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    "Dr. Polavarapu made me feel comfortable- I didn't feel like I was being rushed. He was very thorough and knowledgeable."

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    "Dr. P has been my doctor for years, he always takes his time to listen and cares. I highly recommend him."

    Raymond B.
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    "I found the doctor to be really helpful. Dr Polavarapu addressed my health concerns and the staff was helpful in coordinating all my care."

    Christina S.
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